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Singapore Loan Economic Growth and Development

Singapore Loan Economic growth in Singapore Loan in the period 1960-1980 has been accompanied by a structural transformation of the economy. There has been a substantial increase in the share of manufacturing, transport and communication and financial and business services within the GDP at the expense of […]

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7 Simple Steps To Owning Your Own Property In Singapore!

1. Appoint a property agent The first step to any property transaction is appointing a property agent. As your representative throughout the process of buying and selling, it is crucial for him or her to be competent and experienced in the market. Stay with one agent per […]

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Credit Loan Singapore Measures

Credit Loan Singapore The Government announced the following measures to maintain a stable and sustainable property market: 1. Increase the holding period for imposition of Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD) from the current 1 year to 3 years (the 1-year SSD was imposed only in February 2010). In summary, […]

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