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Other Loans

Besides business loan, payday loan, personal loan and private property loan, we also provide other types of loan schemes to our customers. Be it a foreigner loan, medical loan, private housing loan or other types of loans, you can be sure that you will be getting the best loan packages from MM Credit. You will have the choice of flexible repayment periods that can be customise to fit your financial situation. More importantly, you will get the cash to solve your immediate cash flow issues. Our doors are always opened for you. Click here now to apply. (5 mins is all it takes!)

While you are deciding, let us share with you the benefits of our other Loan Packages

• Affordable repayment rates
• High cash upfront as compared with weekly or bi-weekly plans
• Up to $50,000 loan amount
• Easier and more simple to understanding
• Bad credit history is not a factor for loan approvals
• 100% online application cuts unnecessary travelling time
• Super-fast approvals with minimum paperwork

It’s so easy and simple! If you need cash now, don’t hesitate further.
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