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Military Loans for Those With Bad Credit: A Financial Rescue Package

The need to meet loan criteria is a core aspect of any loan application, and just as civilians have to have those boxes ticked, so too must military personnel when they seek a cash injection. The reason is simply that men and women in military service are as susceptible to the strains of financial pressure as the rest of us, which is why military loans for those with bad credit are available.

Of course, there are some key differences between military and civilian loans, and for the most part it is easier to get military loan approval despite bad credit ratings. This may seem a little unfair to some, but the fact is that military personnel have a highly reliable employer making failure to pay and sudden layoffs highly unlikely.

What is more, there are several types of loans to military personnel that can be approved despite bad credit, loans that can be used to improve the financial stability of the borrower and help to improve their overall credit rating too.

Range of Loans and Loan Terms

There is actually a few aspects that distinguish military loans for those with bad credit from similar loans to civilians. Whether it is a personal loan, an auto loan or even a home loan, there are military options available.

The only real difference between them is the lower rate of interest that military personnel have to pay. This is directly linked to the level of job security that members of the military have, and the fact that an income is guaranteed each month. So when it comes to granting military loan approval, despite bad credit, lenders are more willing to give the thumbs up.

In effect, the fact that the Government is the employer lends a lot to weight to the application, so it acts almost as collateral in itself. But, even though these are loans to military personnel, the criteria must still be met and the risk assessment dutifully carried out by the particular lender.

The Chief Advantages

With these factors in mind, it is only logical that the interest rates associated with military loans for those with bad credit would be so much lower than normal. However, there are also other advantages too, not least fast access to emergency funds.

For example, when a small sum like $1,000 is needed quickly, civilians can apply for a cash advance loan (or payday loan). These are usually easily secured when proof of income is provided and the monthly income comfortably covers the full loan repayment – perhaps ($1,150).

Getting military loan approval, despite bad credit, on these low sums is not a problem, so long as up-to-date military ID is provided. This is because the certainty of income payment is extremely high, with loans to military personnel considered safe investments.

Even Large Loan are Possible

With the income and job security so high, even getting large military loans for those with bad credit is possible. While $1,000 is fine in an emergency, loans to consolidate mounting debts and alleviate the financial mess that an individual may be in, can sometimes be essential.

When it comes to large unsecured loans, getting military loan approval, despite bad credit, can be very quick. Once again, this is because income is guaranteed, and once the sum of the income is verified, the approval can be given. Of course, ID and rank have to be confirmed before any loans to military personnel are granted, as well as deployment and permanent addresses.