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How do I apply for a loan?
Fill up our “Apply Loan” form online. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Are you a licensed money lender?
Yes, we are a licensed money lender.

What are the loan requirements?
For Singaporean / Permanent Resident
• Employed (Full-time)
• 21 years old and above

For Foreigner
• Employed full-time and working in Singapore
• 21 years old and above
• Valid E-Pass or S-Pass holder

What is the loan application procedure?
Once you submit your details to us, our loan consultant will contact you shortly to ask you some questions. Next, you will be require to go down to our office to submit relevant documents for verification and approval. Approval is normally within 15 minutes and you will receive your money within the hour.

What documents must I provide?
For Singaporean / Permanent Resident
• Identity Card
• Singpass Password
• Pay slips for the last 3 months for salaried workers
• Income Tax Assessments for the last 2 years for self employed
• Proof of Residence (Recent PUB or hand phone billing statement)

For Foreigner
• Pay slips for the last 3 months
• Tenancy Agreement
• Employment Pass
• Valid Passport
• Letter Of Appointment from your company
• Bank statement which your company bank in your salary
• Proof of Residence (Original PUB billing statement or hand phone billing statement)

* Singpass Password is required at our office to show proof of your income. We are not allowed to take or keep your password.

Is my application and financial information secure?
Absolutely, we respect our customers’ privacy and needs in managing their personal finance. We will never share your information to unrelated third parties.

How much loan can I get?
It depends on your eligibility. Check with our loan consultant when he/she contact you.

How much will a loan cost? What are the rates?
It varies depending on your eligibility and loan package. The advised rates are specified over at IPTO’s website. Check with our loan consultant when he/she contact you.

What kinds of repayment plans are available?
We offer a variety of plans, various weekly, bi-weekly and monthly installment plans. Do state what type of plan you prefer when our loan consultant contact you.

Are there any fees for early redemption of loan?
It depends on your loan package. We advise you to check with our loan consultant when he/she contact you.

What if I have bad credit?
Bad credit will not prevent you from getting a loan from us. We can customize loan packages according to your eligibility and needs.

What if I have existing loans from other money lenders?
Yes, you can still borrow another loan but your application will be subjected to more intense scrutiny. Approval is subject to our management’s approval. However, we advise you to pay off existing loan first before borrowing another loan.

Does submitting an application obligate me to take out a loan?
No, submitting an application simply states that you wish for one of our loan consultants to contact you to discuss your loan options. You may ask us any questions, and withdraw your request if you so choose. If you are ready to proceed, you may confirm your information and officially agree to terms with us.

*Loan amount, interest rates and repayment terms are dependent on your eligibility and loan package. Please note that they are subject to changes without prior notice.