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How I Became a Hard Licensed Money Lender

Unlike other investors, my venture into real estate was a natural extension of my secondary business as the IP Ware software developer. However, opportunity and perseverance beget wealth, or at least a decent side income. Aside from my ventures into lease optioning residential property, I and my […]

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Commercial Hard Money Lender License

Commercial hard finance provider is a company or a private person loaning financial support. Often money-making hard cash loans are being issued with a higher interest rate than the traditional hard cash loans. Commercial hard money loans are usually being given for a short period of time […]

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International Money Lending License and Operations

A fairly new offshore business opportunity is available in a number of jurisdictions. This is the business of furnishing small loans in amounts of at least $100 and no more than $5,000. A business of this type may operate internationally but must be headquartered in the jurisdiction […]

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Home Loan Rate – How Do Closing Costs Affect Home Mortgage Rates?

First time home buyers or borrowers are often rather unpleasantly surprised at the time of closing or just prior when the good faith estimate of closing costs is received. These closing costs can sometime add a significant cost to the dollar amount that the borrower is expected […]

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3 Simple Steps to Get Instant Loan For Your Structured Settlement

It is frustrating to wait for a long time to receive your compensation after winning your lawsuit. Many settlements involve monthly installments in which you receive small amounts of money for several months. For the people who are suffering with an injury or job loss, a lump […]

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Payday Lenders – Online Instant Loan Approval

There are so many payday loan lenders online but it is difficult to find lenders who will credit your account with instant cash. There are so many people looking for payday loan online but they end up spending time on net without finding their desire search result. […]

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Instant Loans for Your Time of Need

A lot of people today are very proud and don’t like asking for help. Instead, they wait until the very last possible moment to realize they need help and fast. This is when they are ready to scream because they thought they could figure out a way […]

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Home Loans For Manufactured Homes

If you happen to be a budget-minded homebuyer, there is a strong possibility that you would like the idea of a manufactured home. But for this, you need to get a mortgage first and that is definitely not easy in the current economic climate. Getting a mortgage […]

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Housing Loan Interest Rate Advice for Loan Applicants

Upon deciding on applying for a mortgage loan it is important that you be aware of the housing loan interest rate that you will be required to pay during the term of the loan. There are times when buyers get too excited about the idea of purchasing […]

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Comparison of Housing Loan Companies

we can find a majority of middle class peoples and these people are often found to be building or purchasing houses or apartments to live in. we can see houses under construction almost everywhere nowadays. The money to build these homes is mostly obtained through housing in […]

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