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Best Home Loans in Singapore – How to Find Them?

There are different types of banks in Singapore. Many of them provide home loans. They have different rate of interest, conditions and eligibility criteria. The list of banks is listed below here.

List of Banks:

  • Maybank – Marine Parade Central, Singapore.
  • HSBC – Tanglin, 6 Claymore Hill, #01-01 Claymore Plaza, Singapore.
  • DBS – Great World City Branch, Great World City, Singapore
  • UOB – Admiralty Branch, 70 Woodlands Avenue, Admiralty MRT Station, Singapore.

Since there are numerous banks, there is high level of competition among them. Each tries new methods to attract customers. They also reduce interest to attract customers. So, lot of research and data collection is required for selecting a proper home loan.

How to find the Best Home Loan?

There are many information resources in Singapore. There are many ways to collect interest rate and other details. You can collect information from internet and websites. Some of the best ways are mentioned below here.

Internet search is done by many people now. Since internet can be accessed easily and quickly, many people opt for that. Time taken is very less. Moreover, there is no need of manual efforts. Numerous online companies post about various banks in their sites in Singapore. They post rate comparison tables for analysis purpose. There are online forums and blogs. They discuss about key points and details about loans. These discussion forums help us to get ideas of different people.

Direct research is also another way. You can visit the respective website of the banks in Singapore and gather information. The result of this method is always good. You can gather details and tabulate it in the Microsoft Excel Sheet for future reference. You can even visit the nearest branch of the respective bank and collect details about the recent interest rate.